The Difference Between Professional VS Amateur Golfer

Both of amateur (AM) and professional golfer (PRO) certainly have major differences, which we can see it in the golf course. As you can see, these two kind of player’s status definitely has different quality and needs different treatment in the golf course. So, what’s the difference between professional player and amateur player?

Difference Between Amateur and Professional Golfer

  • Different views about golf

Amateur players typically play golf just for having fun. They play it because they love it as a game. They do not regard it as a full-time job. Golf only a game in spare time such as a gathering event with colleagues or meet other members of the golf community.

A Professional golfer considers golf is a full-time job. They play golf with full responsibility and dedication. They love this game just like ordinary people love their daily work. Most professional golf player also make their living not far away from golfing like being a golf trainer or running a golf club and courses.

To become a professional player, one must pass various qualifications to be able to hold the professional title. After they pass in qualification test, they will get a professional golf player card, something that amateur player can not afford.

  • Participating in golf tournaments

In golf tournaments, amateur players are not allowed to receive any prize or money from playing golf. Amateur players are only allowed to play in amateur golf tournaments and are not allowed to play in professional-level tournaments. If they are breaking this rule, then the player may lose their status as an amateur player and can not follow amateur tournaments in the future.

Meanwhile, a professional golfer considers the professional golf tournaments as a place to make a living. They deliberately use the tournament as an event to make a fortune. Their income as professional players is largely derived from the prize money even from sponsors or endorsements. Golf tournament becomes a very important event for professional players.

Professional players are not allowed to participate in amateur golf tournaments unless there are permission and confirmation from the golf committee. It is very difficult for professional players to get their amateur status back and it is very difficult for amateurs to gain the professional status either.

  • Different Swing Style

Professional players spend most of their time training with professional instructors. While amateur players rarely take golfing lessons from the best instructor. Very few of them actually use the driving range to train their swing. So, it is not surprising that there is a significant difference between the swings of professional and amateur players. The difference style of swing between these two types of golfer could be seen when they are doing a downswing. The professional player does a downswing by hitting the ball from inside the target line, so that their club could produce a high-speed impact.

Meanwhile, amateur players generally make a downswing from the outside of the target line. So they must pull the club across their body to hit the ball. Unfortunately, this motion could rob the accuracy and swing speed. When performing backswing, amateur players rarely do full shoulder turn so their left arm is bending during a backswing. This motion could rob their leverage on the downswing.

While professional players do a backswing by doing a full shoulder turn, as well as keeping a straight left arm. This motion enables the professional to hit the ball more powerfully than amateur player. Being a professional golfer is not easy, but if you really want to pursue a professional career, then you have to do it wholeheartedly. Start from the bottom and follow the certification training to become a professional player. Play for the right reasons and avoid the notion that golf is a shortcut for fame and fortune.