Bogor Golf Course

The first thing that comes to mind when hearing the word Bogor is the rainy city, the cool climate, the beautiful scenery and the convenient golf location. As a holiday destination for both local and international golfer, Golf Bogor course almost never lacks of visitors.

Bogor Regency topography is quite varied where most of the region about 43.62% consist of highlands and hills with an altitude of 100 – 500 meters above sea level. Along with its wet tropical climate conditions, makes Bogor become one of the areas in Indonesia with high rainfall rates. While the average daily temperature in this place ranges from 20-30 degrees Celsius.

With its natural conditions surrounded by mountains and the cool climate make Bogor an ideal location for golfing and relaxing on holiday. Golf Bogor becomes one of the mainstay tourist attraction of Bogor regency. It’s not surprising due to its 11 international standard golf courses, which located around the regency and ready to satisfy your golfing desires.

Most types of land in the Bogor region are a combination of mountainous rock and volcanic soil. This combination makes Bogor has a high level water absorption capacity, but also prone to landslides in certain areas. Therefore, the existence of golf courses in Bogor is not only serving as tourist spots, but also as a rain water container area and Green Open Space area.

As one of the highest population districts in West Java, Bogor resident mostly engaged in tourism. So it’s not surprising if you can find a various of culinary tours, nature tours, golf and hotels here. In fact, since the last few years, Golf Bogor tourism became the largest contributor to local revenue.

Bogor has at least 11 international-standard golf courses with an increasing number of visitors each year. These golf courses are easily accessible from Soekarno-Hatta airport and from several toll roads, makes a golf course in Bogor as an ideal choice for golf lovers beside Jakarta and Tangerang.

The Golf Bogor course has a various layout contour with mountain view of Mount Salak and Mount Geulis. Bogor also has the second oldest golf course in Indonesia, the Golf Bogor Club (BGC) which built in 1935. Even this golf course also included in the 10 golf courses heritage around the world.

The 8-hectare BGC golf course consists of 9 holes with hilly contours. The combination of water obstacles, the tee ground near the valley and narrow fairways, makes it quite difficult for beginner and professional golfer.

Meanwhile, Permata Sentul Golf becomes the largest Golf Bogor course that extends an area of ​​100 hectares. This golf course adopts a typical English traditional golf course, where the first 9 holes are built in a lower area than the next 9 holes. The undulating green and sloping fairways are the main challenge for the golfer.

If you want to play golf while relaxing in a luxurious resort with five-star hotel facilities, you can try the Rancamaya Golf Estate. The Rancamaya Golf Estate offers an unforgettable experience thanks to the beautiful golf course design with artificial waterfalls and undulating green along with spectacular views of Mount Salak as its backdrop.

Beside its beautiful mountain views, green fee rates at the Golf Bogor course is relatively cheap. Golf lovers can play golf with green fee rates starting from IDR. 200.000. Not to mention the various facilities and culinary tours around the golf course, makes Bogor as a perfect vacation destination.

Riverside Golf Club

  • Well maintained course
  • Rate for weekday is quite affordable
  • Nice place for company gathering

Riverside Golf Club is a golf course in bogor designed by legend golfer Greg Norman. Riverside Golf is renowned for having a green 90-hectare golf course that is also challenging with 18-hone par 72 along the Cikeas river suitable for tournaments. This golf course is also crowned as the best golf course in Asia by 2015. For the facilities, Riverside golf also has a golf shop that provides golf equipment for both beginners and professionals

Gunung Geulis Golf and Country Club

  • Good place to relax from city from hustle and bustle of city
  • Professional and friendly staff
  • Good place for family vacation

Gunung Geulis Golf & Country Club becomes one of the golf courses in Bogor, which provides 36 holes par 72. Extends with an area of 450 hectares, this golf course is divided into two parts, namely the West Course, which extends 6,075-meter and the East Coursecwhich extends 6,065-meter. This golf course is located on Pasir Angin Street, Gadog, West Java about 45 minutes away from the Jagorawi toll road. The hilly contours, up and down fairways, various sizes of bunker, trees, sand traps and Cikeas rivers which flowing across the golf course become the main obstacles for the golfer.

Rancamaya Golf and Country Club

  • Cool and breeze atmosphere
  • Affordable prices for weekends
  • World class golf course

The Rancamaya Golf Estate is one of the best golf courses in West Java due to its international standard design, beautiful scenery surrounds the golf course and its various amenities. Rancamaya golf course is located on Rancamaya Utama Street, Ciawi, Bogor and consists of 18 holes. Resort facilities such as an outdoor pool, pro shop, golf course training classes for beginners, international standard restaurant, 4-star hotel facilities, free Wi-Fi access, mini zoo and other facilities you can find here. The lush green grass with Mount Salak as the backdrop becomes a sight that can be enjoyed throughout the game.

Permata Sentul Golf & Country Club

  • Lovely view and friendly environment
  • Fair Price for Green Fee
  • Near to Sentul Circuit

Permata Sentul Golf & Country Club extends across an area of ​​700 hectares in the mountainous area of ​​Sentul, Bogor with an altitude of 100 – 400 meters above sea level. This golf course designed by Thomson Wolveridge & Perret and consists of 18 holes which built on a sloping area. The first nine holes are built in the lower area while the other nine holes are in the higher area. This golf course in Bogor has an undulating landscape contour with sloping fairways so the ball can slide easily.

Sentul Highlands Golf Club

  • Nice view with lots of hilly area
  • Free WiFi on the course
  • Good looking caddies

Sentul Highlands Golf Club was built in 1997 and is located inside Sentul City’s luxurious housing estate. There are 18 holes at Sentul Highlands Golf Course. There are many challenging holes with a combination of dogleg and a steep green hill derivative. The golf course at Bogor is also famous for its hilly land contour as well as its complete facilities to pamper the golfer ranging from professional fgolf shops to spas and locker rooms. Caddy Sentul Highlands Golf is also renowned professional and reliable.

Palm Hill Golf Resort

  • Friendly staff and good services
  • Fair price even for weekends
  • Very near from Jagorawi toll gate

Situated amongst the mountains, Palm Hills Golf Club & Residence offers the views of well maintained green grass, beautiful gardens and Mount Salak as its backdrop. This golf course in Bogor designed by Tom Matteson and Japan’s taisei Corporation, which is located on Sentul Street, Kadumanggu, Babakan, Madang, West Java and close to the Sentul racetrack. This 67 hectare golf course consists of 18 holes with 72 par with adjacent holes, making it difficult for the golfer. Besides enjoying its beautiful scenery, the golfer can relax in a large Spanish-style clubhouse building.

Bogor Golf Club

  • Cool and cozy course
  • Beautiful scenery around the course
  • The best golf car service

Bogor Golf Club or known as Klub Bogor Raya Golf Country Club is one of the oldest golf course in Indonesia. Built in 1935 and designed by Graham Marsh, this golf course in Bogor has 18 holes with 71 par and extends an area of ​​6,320 meters. Located at an altitude of 300 meters above sea level, the Bogor Golf Club offers cool and pollution-free air with hilly contours,  a line of pine trees and various sizes of bunkers. Here, golfer can enjoy some of golfing facilities such as locker room, massage, VIP room, pro shop, restaurant and driving range.

Rainbow Hills Golf Course

  • Located at the mountainous area
  • There's an 9 stonehill that quite challenging
  • The most beautiful and refreshing golf club in Bogor

Rainbow Hills Golf is a golf course located in North Bogor with three courses and 27 holes challenging and also surrounded by beautiful mountains. The three courses at Rainbow Hils Golf Course include Montain Course, Forest and Stone Hills course. Each course has its own uniqueness of mass – each; Mountain course with lots of slopes to be conquered, Forest surrounded by forest and Stone Hills with ground contour suitable for various level golfers ranging from beginner to professional.