Naraajie Emerald is Ready to Play in the 2018 Asian Games

Ahead of the 2018 Asian Games, golfer Naraajie Emerald succeeded becomes a winner in the New South Wales (NSW) Amateur tournament in Canberra, Australia. The golfers who prepared to be in the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games, are coming out as joint medal winners with Australian golfer Nathan Barbieri.

Both Naraajie and Nathan scored 136 shots or 8 under par. Both golfers always score the draw at the play-off in six holes. Then the committee decided for both shares the title.

These results make PB PGI satisfied with his performance. PB PGI hope this achievement can encourage the spirit of Indonesian golfers to be more confident of facing the Asian Games 2018 in August.

For the Asian Games, the NSW tournament became the last tournament they participated in the periodic program conducted in Australia since early January. Before, the Indonesian team joined the Australian Masters of The Amateur in Melbourne on 9 – 21 January.

Then, attend a training camp at Pro Golf College in Perth and compete in the Australian Amateur Open January 16 – 21. At the end of January, they travel to Sydney to follow The Avondale Amateur.

Beside Naraajie, other Indonesian golfers who participated in this periodization program are Jonathan Wijono, Kevin C. Akbar, M. Rifki Alam Ramadhan, Tirto Tamardi and Almay Rayhan. While the ladies golf team followed by Rivani Adelia Sitohang, Beatrice Wanamarta, Patricia Sinolungan, Rebekah Vania and Michela Tjan.

Naraajie also scored achievements at The Avondale Amateur. In the tournament held on 23 – 26 January, Naraajie managed to get the third position. He plays ties with the Australian golfer, Jack Thomson with a score of 280 shots or 4 under par.

While the first champion in the tournament was achieved by Australian golfer Blake Windred with a total score of 278 shots or 6 under par. While the second position achieved by British golfers, David Hague with a difference of one point.

In the Avondale Amateur tournament, other Indonesian golfers also scored pretty good results. Kevin C. Akbar managed to be ranked seventh with a total score of 69 or 2 under par 71. While M. Rifki Alam Ramadhan was in 14 with a total score of 5 above par. Other Indonesian golfers like Almay Rayhan and Alfred Sitohang occupy the 49th position with a score of 14 above par.

Naraajie Emerald : One of The Best Indonesian Golfer

Naraajie Emerald

Before winning the NSW tournament, Naraajie Emerald Ramadhan Putra is known to have a myriad of achievements. The 118 WAGR golfer was once appointed to represent West Java in SEA GAMES Indonesia. He also won a gold medal in PIX XIX / 2016 and won the Olympic International Olympic Jabar Amateur Open International III 2017 (OJAO) in Tapos, Bogor.

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Armed with the experience of winning in previous tournaments, Naraajie Emerald who ranked first in national ranking is quite optimistic in facing the Asian Games. Meanwhile, PB PGI will implement the election of athletes objectively to play in the upcoming Asian Games. This aim assessment is based on the highest ranking of World Amateur Golf Ranking (WAGR), PB PGI order of merit and coach options.