Tangerang Golf Course

For golf lovers, golf Tangerang is one of the must-visit city during the holidays. This city, which located in the west of Jakarta has a number of qualified golf courses with varying rates. Tangerang golf courses often used as an alternative golfing destination besides Jakarta golf courses. Tangerang can be considered as one of the cities with rapid economic growth in Indonesia. This economic growth level could not be separated from the existence of Soekarno-Hatta International Airport as the entrance to Indonesia’s trade and tourism.

As a buffer zone of Jakarta, this city which located in Banten Province and 30 km away in the west of Jakarta has an important role in golf tourism. With its strategic location, which is adjacent to the state capital and neighboring with Bogor, Tangerang often becomes an alternative city of tourism for those who are bored with the Jakarta’s atmosphere, but reluctant to take a vacation to Bogor.

Most of Tangerang region are lowland areas with 0-3% slope level. Its ground consists of sedimentary soil with a good erosion resistance level. This relatively flat ground condition is certainly ideal for the Tangerang golf development along with industrial and residential sectors. Tangerang has daily temperatures ranging from 23.4 – 34.2 degrees Celsius with tropical climate and highest rainfall level in December. These climatic conditions certainly very suitable for golfers who want to play golf throughout the year without hindered winter.

There are at least 8 golf Tangerang courses that opened for public. These golf courses are Takara Golf Resort, Pondok Cabe Golf, Kedaton Golf & Country Club, Modern Golf Course, Damai Indah Golf, Imperial Lippo Karawaci Golf Club, Gading Raya Padang Golf & Country Club and Cengkareng Golf Club. Cengkareng Golf Club becomes one of favourite Tangerang golf course by the golf traveler. This golf course located in Soekarno-Hatta International Airport area, so golfers can return to the airport easily after finishing their game.

For beginner golfers who has limited funds, the Takara Golf Resort is the right choice for you. This golf course has a low rate green fee and located not far away from other golf courses such as the Imperial Golf Club, Gading Raya Padang Golf and Kedaton Golf. The Takara Golf Resort, which extends 6,070 yards, also has a golf course contour that is not so difficult for beginner golfer, but still can be enjoyed by senior golfers.

Meanwhile, Pondok Cabe golf course becomes the first generation of Tangerang golf course. This golf course which is located near to Pondok Cabe Air Base was built in 1989 and has a low rate green fee. The golfer can play golf only by paying a rate of IDR. 200,000 – IDR. 500,000. If you want to play golf on the largest golf course in Tangerang with views of the Cisadane River and beautiful hills, the Damai Indah Golf Course is the right place. Damai Indah Golf Course not only offers spectacular views of Serpong hills, but also a challenging golf course design with large bunkers.

For the beginner golfer, you can also affiliate with some golf communities in golf Tangerang and Jakarta. Golf communities such as Jabodetabek Candaan Golf Community, Goek Golfers Community, Impact Time and Ganteng Golf often hold golf tours at several Tangerang and Jakarta golf courses. The golf Tangerang courses are a great choice for both beginner and amateur golfers who have limited funds. Beside offering affordable golf rates, the golf courses in Tangerang have a unique design that can be enjoyed by golfers of all levels.

Takara Golf Resort

  • Good locker room
  • Good Green Fee Rates
  • Close to central district of Tangerang

Takara Golf Resort, located in Tapos village, Tigaraksa, Tangerang. This golf course is suitable for beginner golfers who do not have enough budget to join a larger golf club. Takara golf has 18 holes and a challenging 72 par. This golf course includes affordable green fees both on weekdays and weekends. Takara Golf Resort also provides complete facilities such as driving range, pro shop, golf club for hire, club house, shoes for rent and restaurant.

Kedaton Golf Country Club

  • River view along course
  • Good price
  • Not far from JORR toll

Kedaton Golf and Country Club is one of golf course in the list of golf courses in Tangerang which often host national golf tournaments. Located in Sukaharja village, Pasar Kemis, Tangerang, this golf course not only offers a challenging golf experience, but also beautiful tropical landscape and traditional architectural designs. You can enjoy oriental, western and local dishes at an open air-conditioned restaurant, coffee shop and a banquet hall for 50-300 guests. There is also a locker room facilities, pro shop, golf cart and golf club for hire.

Modern Golf and Country Club

  • Great golf course with challenging sand bunkers
  • Good weekday rate
  • Near from the central Tangerang city

The Modern Golf and Country Club could not be missed from the list of golf courses in Tangerang which fulfilled international standards. Located in Modern Golf Street, Modern City, Tangerang, Modern Golf Country Club provides some attractive supporting facilities including golf course, indoor and outdoor sport facilities and bungalow. For those who want to hold a wedding ceremony, Modern Golf Country Club also provides a conference room that can accommodate 30-1000 guests and various wedding packages.