Monterez Golf and Country Club, One of the Most Challenging Golf Courses in Peninsular Malaysia

If you are looking for new challenges on the Malaysian peninsula, you’ll be surprised when golfing in Monterez Golf and Country Club. This golf course is strategically not far away from Kuala Lumpur and Petalingjaya. You will face constant challenges including bunkers, trees, rivers, and lakes here.

Monterez Golf and Country Club, the Ideal and Hardest Golf Course

The Monterez Golf course is an ideal place to golf because it located near urban areas. It located on Merah Kesumba Street, Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia. It has a unique nuance that carries Mayan culture concept. That’s why you can see a touch of Maya culture and art in some corner of the clubhouse and in other areas.

Monterez Golf and Country Club
Monterez Golf and Country Club

Monterez Golf and Country Club extends 5,738 meters and was designed by Peter Dalkeith Scott. It becomes the most challenging golf course on the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia as well as a luxurious golf course. The most interesting thing here is you can play at night thanks to an adequate lighting system.

If you don’t have time to play during the day, you can play night golfing every Monday to Friday. As beautiful as the scenery during the day, the beauty of Monterez Golf at night will blow you away. Obstacles and holes are clearly visible throughout the game.

The landscapes itself offers endless challenges for both amateur and professional golfers. The 18-hole par 71 golf course consists of various ponds, lakes, terraces to artificial waterfalls. These features provide a refreshing look that is good for the body and soul. Not to mention the view of the narrow fairway, sloping green and wide landscape that complements the perfection of this Malaysian golf course.

For the experienced golfers, Monterez’s golf course might seem too short for their likes. However, this golf course provides a fairly high level of difficulty, especially for beginners. You have to control your shot to get through the narrow fairway and avoid various water hazards that often appear on the last nine holes.

Dense Tifdwarf grass provides ideal putting conditions. Unfortunately, the undulating surface makes the golfer have to try various pin placements. You’ll meet the tendency of the green that sloping from one side to another because half of the course was built against hillsides.

Monterez Golf Facilities

Both amateur and professional golfers from all over the world were always welcome to play at Monterez Golf and Country Club. It serves the best service and affordable rates. Complete your golf accessories by buying or renting the latest products in the pro shop. You can buy golf shoes, bags, golf equipment, even sunglasses here.

Improve your golf skills by trying the two-tier and 50-window driving range facility. Professional golf coach also provided at the Monterez Golf course. Not far from the driving range, there is a practice green facility to hone your skills before jumping into the course.

The best service also is given to visitors who want to spend time relaxing in the clubhouse. This clubhouse, which designed with Mayan civilization architecture and modern lifestyle, offers an unforgettable holiday experience. You can see the reflection of Mayan civilization from murals in the clubhouse as well as the Monterez logo and landscape.

Some entertainment facilities that you can enjoy in the clubhouse such as Pedro’s Fun Pub, Sunterez Golfer’s Terrace, Pool Side Terrace and Garden Terrace. It also supports your healthy lifestyle by providing sports facilities such as swimming pools, squash courts, tennis, basketball, volleyball, and karaoke. This prompted Monterez Golf and Country Club to provide families with a host of various fun and healthy activities together.