The Indonesia Golf Pro Ranking in 2017

How much do you know about the Indonesia golf pro ranking? It is very understandable that very few people know that Indonesia has several talented golfers who pursue careers as professionals in the world competition, even they care less about their ranking. In fact, Indonesia has quite a lot of talents in golf world. Unfortunately, this kind of sport rarely gets enough attention like any other sports such as football for example. This is what makes Indonesian golfers rarely recognized in this country land and worldwide.

The lack of professional golf tournaments held in this country also becomes the reason why so many golfer prefer to moving abroad. Like the late professional golfer Lydia Ivana Jaya for example. Lydia has to compete in various golf competitions abroad to raise her ranking in both international and Indonesia golf pro ranking. Unfortunately, until now there hasn’t been professional female Indonesian golfer who managed to following her step. Meanwhile, there are several professional male Indonesian golfers that make this country has a glimmer of hope with the presence of George Aditya Gandranata, Rory Hie, Danny Masrin, Kadek Putra and many more. George Aditya Gandranata won the title as Indonesia’s number one professional golfer in 2014. However, George, who was born March 22, 1986, has to give up his title by Rory Hie.

Rory Hie, who in 2011 and 2012 ranked 1st in the Indonesia golf pro ranking, became known in the international golf competition since winning the Tangshan China PGA Championship tournament in 2011. This achievement made him the first Indonesian golfer to win a professional tournament outside of Indonesia. In the year 2016, George Gandranata ranked 770 in the world. However, in 2017 George must be satisfied to be ranked 1106 before Rory Hie who ranked 1045 world. This ranking is not absolute considering George still has a chance to incised achievement in the event Combiphar Players Championship this October in Bali.

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Under George, there are talented young golfers Danny James Masrin who ranked 1563 after last year ranked 1233 in the world. Danny won his first professional competition in the 2016 Indonesian Golf Tour tournament at Palm Hills Golf Club. He scored a brilliant achievement in his participation in five tournaments held in the same year. Kadek Putra a junior golfer become in the spotlight since his attempt at the Bank BRI-JCB Indonesia Open event in last 2016. This 17-year-old golfer, now ranked in 1928 after being ranked 1866 in the previous year. This 2017, Kadek Putra showing again his best performance in the Ciputra Golfpreneur Tournament event presented by Panasonic.

Kentaro Nanayama

Meanwhile, the talented young golfer Kentaro Nanayama Indonesia managed to raise his rank to 1928 this week. Kentaro, who scored a brilliant achievement at the Mandiri Pondok Indah International Junior Golf Championship 2016 was in position 1866 in the previous year. The position of Indonesia’s golf pro ranking is fluctuating. Every week each player rank are viable to change especially since the second half of 2017 seasons starts rolling. Until now, the top 9 ranking of Indonesian men’s professional golfers can be seen in the following table.

This Week

Last Week

End 2016


1045 1043 1389

Rory Hie

1106 1095 770

George Gandranata

1563 1539 1233

Danny James Masrin

1928 1936 1866

Kadek Putra

1928 1936 1866

Ari Suteja

1928 1936 1866

Sofyan Idup

1928 1936 1866

Kentaro Nanayama

1928 1936 1866

Ali Munandar