Andik Mauludin Passed Away, Indonesia Losing One Pro Golfer

After Lydia Ivana Jaya passed away, Indonesia again lost one of its best professional golfers, Andik Mauludin. The 37-year-old golfer died on Sunday (4/2/18). Born in May 1, 1984; Andik is leaving a wife and three-month-old daughter. According to the news, the Indonesian professional golfer is complaining of a headache and shortness of breath after eating goat satay. Andik was declared dead at 22:00 on the way when he was about to be taken to the hospital.

Andik Mauludin Was Adorned With A Lot Of Achievements

Andik Mauludin

Andik’s career as Indonesia’s best professional golfer is adorned with many achievements. Starting from learning to swing the club by self-taught, Andik had made a surprise by winning the title in the event of the Jakarta Golf Championship 2007 fought over Bang Yos Cup. Andik, who was then still an amateur golfer, managed to beat his senior golfer, Maan Nasim. Andik managed to win two shots from his idol with a total score of 7-under 281.

In SEA Games 2005 and 2007 Andik play represent Indonesia along with Suprapto, Hardjito and Benita Kasiadi. At that time, Indonesia won a bronze medal for both men’s and women’s teams represented by the late Lydia Ivana Jaya, Juriah and Agnes Retno Sudjasmin. Andik Mauludin increasingly solidified his career as a golfer after turning to a professional golfer in 2008. After that, the career of this East Java golfer is increasingly ascended after several times win a professional tournament at the national level.

Initially, Andik still has no achievements in the international tournament. Yet, he managed to makes name of Indonesia when competing up to the finals of several international golf tournaments. Andik had become an Indonesian golfer with the highest ranking in Indonesia Open 2010 when finished with a total score of 292 and ranked T44.

Shine on the Indonesian Masters Tournament

The absence of Rory Hie at the CIMB Niaga Indonesian Masters 2012 tournament, makes Andik Mauludin start to be known. He appeared as the only golfer who play until the weekend and grabbed the T67 rank with a total score of 298. In the same year, Andik remark his achievement when following the Indonesia Open 2012 at Emeralda Golf Club. He managed to finish in the T17 rank and recorded a total score of 2-under 286.

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In the following year, Andik became the only Indonesian representative in the PGA Championship event. In this event, Andik played until the finals and managed to finish in the rank of T39 with a score of 8-under 280. This achievement is quite encouraging considering he was playing in bad weather conditions. Andik won his last professional title while playing in Emeralda – Citra Sembilansatu Golf Tournament held on 1 – 3 April 2014. In the tournament, Andik managed to record three birdies in a row and play brilliantly in the final.

Known As A Friendly Person

Both senior and junior golfers know Andik as a friendly and always cheerful person. He is also known as a sincere figure especially towards his junior. Many golf and sport journalists who became his closest friends. Although his achievements as a professional golfer is not as good as his amateur achievements, Andik’s professional career is considered to be quite pretty good. In fact, he had time to ensure his place to compete in this 2018 season, unfortunately he passed away before the season begin. Goodbye Andik Mauludin.