Indonesian Women Golfers With Myriad Achievements

The number of amateur dan professional Indonesian women golfers can be said not as many other countries. After Lydia Ivana Jaya, there has been none of women golfer who competed in the professional golf tournaments. This is understandable considering golf is not a sport that is cheap and can be accessed by the public.In order […]

Here is Five Talented Female Golfers in The World

In the last few years, female golfers become the center of attention due to the presence of many talented female golfers who scored brilliant achievements worldwide. Here is a list of five potential female golfers which have brilliant career in the golf world. Ryu So Yeon Ryu So Yeon is the first female golfer who […]

The Difference Between Professional VS Amateur Golfer

Both of amateur (AM) and professional golfer (PRO) certainly have major differences, which we can see it in the golf course. As you can see, these two kind of player’s status definitely has different quality and needs different treatment in the golf course. So, what’s the difference between professional player and amateur player? Difference Between […]

The Talented Indonesian Junior Golfer

In recent years, golf in Indonesia seems to have a fair promising development. This can be seen since the emergence of Indonesian junior golfer who have stunning achievement at several local and international tournaments. The achievement of this young golfer brings a good news for the development of golf in this country in the future. […]