How To Practice Putting Golf For Amateur Golfers

Golfers game can be perfect due to their ability to make short-range strokes. When a player know how to practice putting golf, it can save them from losing. Short-to-medium-range strokes such as putting are usually done at the end of the round or when the ball is nearing the hole. Besides having an important role in golf, it turns out not all the golfer able to do a putting. Some of the golfer often make mistakes such as hitting too hard or too slow so its missed the target. To produce the perfect putting, you can apply these tricks of how to practice putting golf correctly.

How to Do a Putting Golf  The Right Way

  1. Set your alignment, position and the ball

The ball alignment is often ignored by the golfer when doing a long-range shot. But, for short-range strokes like putting, alignment play an important role. To perform the correct putting, it starts by directing the putter to the target and then adjust the position of the body by the position of the putter. For the right-handed golfer, both feet are in parallel to the left side of the hole. The position of the golf club along with the target line is parallel to the position of the club along with the foot. The width of the knee should be under the width of the hips with both feet pointing forward rather than splayed out. The ball is in the middle, slightly in front of your stance position.

  1. Eyes on the ball

How to practice putting golf correctly is to direct your eyes over the golf ball. To make sure that our view is fixed on the ball, you can test it. Taking another golf ball and hold it in front of your left eye and let it drop. If your direction is correct, then, it will hit the ball on the ground. When doing a putting, you will automatically let your head drop. So, when you turn toward the hole, your line of sight will be straight with the target line.

  1. Set your putter

When doing a full swing, the wrist is flexible so it can follow the swing direction to increase it power. But in putting, you need a solid wrist to make it easier to set the power of your strokes. A putting grip is actually not much different from other kind of grips. Both hands are in a neutral position with one hand in the other hand like a baseball grip. Then place your right index finger at the bottom of the club point down of the shaft. Meanwhile, the left index finger is placed on the right-hand fingernails towards the bottom of the golf club.

  1. Rolling the ball

A good putting usually has less movement and uses less power than a full swing. Putting is more dominated by shoulder movements that move the arms and hands simultaneously while the wrist remains solid as the initial state. When performing a putting, the hips and feet do not move with the weight is balanced 50/50 on both legs.

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Meanwhile, the length of the back swing should be equal to the length of the forward swing with the same rhythm in any range of shot. Use your palm for rolling the ball instead of hitting it. Make sure the putter face stays in the right angle according to the target direction along the stroke. By mastering how to practice putting golf, you can make a better putting that can reach the target perfectly or at least closer to the hole. Before putting, you can make warming up motion by moving the putter back and forth repeatedly while paying attention to your target putting.