Tiger Woods Gives Private Lesson to Pratima Sherpa

Pratima Sherpa become one the luckiest golfers in the world after meeting her idol golfer last April. She’s not only met the world champion but also attending his junior clinic on Tuesday, April 24, 2018. The first female golfer from Nepal flies to America in order to promote her documentary film in collaboration with ESPN.

The 18-year-old girl said she was happy and proud to have been invited to join the junior clinic at Woods’s golf course Medalist Golf Course, Jupiter, Florida. Meeting Tiger Woods has been her dream since childhood and maybe it was the first time for the tfemale golfer from Nepal. Throughout her life, Sherpa was close to golf. She lives in the maintenance shed next to the third hole at ​​the Royal Nepal Golf Club where her parents work. Little Sherpa learned golf by just hanging around the golf course.

Harpa’s wish to become the first female professional golfer in Nepal was finally heard by ESPN who later documented her life through a 30-minutes feature film. A short film titled “A Mountain to Climb” was aired at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York, produced by Christian Lappas and narrated by Tom Rinaldi.

The film aired through ESPN platforms and managed to make a tremendous impact including stealing Woods’s attention. Woods then invited Sherpa through the Royal Nepal Golf Club to join his junior clinic. When he learned that Sherpa was in America to promote her movie, he immediately invited her to practice 1-on-1 after the premiere of her short film.

Tiger Woods Inspired by Pratima Sherpa

Pratima Sherpa Memperoleh Latihan Privat dari Tiger Woods

Woods admiration also expressed through his Twitter account. In his tweets, Woods says that Sherpa is a wonderful female golfer. Her dedication and hard work is something that all generations of golfers can learn from.

A year after his fourth operation, Woods showed quite positive developments and began to shine back on the green. Meeting Sherpa was also having a positive impact for the 14 times world champion.

Woods knew about Sherpa a year ago through ESPN. His foundation then seeks Sherpa to be present in his junior clinic. He gives a 30 minutes of private lesson on his driving range. She even had time to try out all his clubs despite playing with barefoot before then joining the other trainees.

Woods believes Sherpa’s dream to become a professional female golfer is very possible achieved considering she has a strong determination. That’s why support for young golfers like Sherpas is needed both from the media and from the senior golfers.

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It seems that the Tuesday afternoon meeting was not only very meaningful for Sherpa but also for Tiger Woods. Sherpa’s dream is to become the first female golfer from Nepal to break the LPGA Tour. With the support of senior golfers like Tiger Woods on her side, it is not impossible that she can achieve her dream and we will hear Sherpa around the golf course in the future.