Junior Golf Championship 2017

The Junior Golf Championship 2017 event is one way to encourage the rising of young Indonesian golfers who are ready to compete in various local and international tournaments. This championship event playing an important role for young golfers to foster achievement and improve their skills.

A few years ago, golf is still a foreign sport for young people and there is not many competition involving the beginner golfers or juniors. But now, this junior golf competition become a serious concern for the golf industry managers for the sustainability of young golfer generations in Indonesia.

It is proven by several golf competitions that destined for junior golfers in 2017 this year. There are at least 14 competitions or the Junior Golf Championship 2017 that addressed for beginner golfers aged under 20 years.

This year, the junior golf competition begins with the Junior Golf National Championships, which is held at Gading Raya Padang Golf & Club on January 10th – 12th. This championship is open to junior golfer both man and women at aged 9 – 17 years.

A month later, the junior golf competition is followed by IJG Premier League #1 which takes place at the Riverside Golf Club in February 10th – 12th. The next IJG Premier League competition is held on April 14th – 16th at Sentul Highlands Golf Club.

Faldo Series Asia Indonesia Championship becomes an advanced competition held at Damai Indah Golf – BSD Course on February 16th – 17th. In this 10th Faldo Series tournament, Jonathan Wijono became the winner for the U-16 men’s division. While the U-16 women’s division was won by Patricia Walanda Sinolungan. Jonathan Wijono also won the Junior Golf Championship 2017 one month before.

Matoa Golf became the location of the IJG Series #1 junior golf competition in March 10th – 12th, 2017. This competition will be continued on May 11th – 13th at Pangkalan Jati Golf Course and on July 7th – 9th at Riverside Golf Club.

Meanwhile, on June 6th – 9th, 2017, Damai Indah Golf PIK Course became the witness of prestigious event, Ciputra World Junior Golf Championship (CWJGC) 2017. This event becomes an important competition for 36 Indonesian junior golfer. CWJGC is the right competition to test the readiness of Indonesian golf team to compete in SEA GAMES 2017 and Asian Games 2018.

The Junior Golf Championship 2017 become more exciting because of the 15th Indonesian Junior Amateur Open, which held at Gombel Golf, Semarang. This tournament which held on July 18th – 21th 2017 is open to junior golfers aged under 10 years to 17 years.

For the sixth time, McDonald’s in collaboration with the Indonesian Golf Association (PGI) and Senayan Golf Club hosted the McDonald Junior Golf Championship. The tournament will be held on October 6th – 8th, 2017 and dedicated to support the development of Indonesian golf and promoting the emergence of new junior golfers in the country.

In the previous two tournaments, participants of this competition has reached 130 participants. While this year, it is estimated that the number of participants will be more than 130 people, due to the increasing number of golf enthusiasts in the country. While the IJG Series #5 competition will be the final series of the Junior Golf Championship 2017 which is planned to be held on November 23th – 25th 2017.

List of Junior Golf Championship 2017

Tanggal Event
10 – 12 January Kejuaraan Nasional Golf Junior

Gading Raya Padang Golf & Klub

10 – 12 February IJG Premier League #1

Riverside Golf Club

16 – 17 February Faldo Series Asia Indonesia Championship

Damai Indah Golf – BSD Course

10 – 12 March IJG Series #1

Mata Golf

14 – 16 April IJG Premier League #2

Sentul Highlands Golf Club

11 – 13 May IJG SERIES #2

Padang Golf Pangkalan Jati

6 – 9 June Ciputra World Junior Golf Championship

Damai Indah Golf – PIK Course

7 – 9 July IJG SERIES #3

Riverside Golf Club

18 – 21 July 15th Indonesia Junior Amateur Open

Gombel Golf, Semarang

11 – 13 August IJG PREMIER LEAGUE #3


22 – 24 September IJG SERIES #4


6 – 8 October McDonald Junior Golf Championship

Senayan Golf Club

20 – 22 October IJG Premier League #4


23 – 25 November IJG SERIES #5