Bangi Golf Resort, A Low Rates Golf Course Near Kuala Lumpur International Airport

Every golfer must have their own orientation golf course. Including beginner golfers who prefer Bangi Golf Resort than other golf courses in Kuala Lumpur. Despite its strategic location, Bangi Golf also offers a reasonable price.

Exciting 27-Hole Golf Course in Kuala Lumpur

For Malaysian golfers, Bangi golf course is considered as an attractive golf course near Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Sepang, Putrajaya and Kuala Lumpur City Center. It also comes with a reasonable low rates for a 27-hole golf course. It quite surprisingly, especially if it was designed by Ronald Fream who has designed 10 best golf courses in the world. You won’t ignore an opportunity to play on a course that is easily accessible from the SILK, PLUS, SKVE and LDP highways.

Located 22 km south of Kuala Lumpur City Center, Bangi Golf Resort offers three golf courses namely Kajang, Putrajaya and Bangi Course. Some of these courses are quite challenging while others are easy enough even for beginners. The parkland course layout makes this course quite popular among local and international golfers.

Bangi is considered a nice and comfortable golf course. This is because half of the course decorated by bunkers of various sizes and water hazards. The combination of Bermuda grass, thick lines of trees, bushes and native plants has succeeded in creating a natural garden that suitable for various local and international golf championships.

The first nine holes have three par 5. The first par, even though it has a sharp dogleg with an angle of almost 90 degrees to the left, it can still be played easily. With just one big shot, you can immediately cut through the trees. The second par five has two front bunkers that guarded the green area. Whereas par 5-9 becomes the easiest where a comfortable cut of the dogleg left will get to the hill and roll down.

If you like a traditional golf course, you’ll be satisfied playing on the nine of second and third courses. One of the most memorable par 4 is the 13th which extends 260 meters across the pond onto the green. Bangi Golf Resort golf course might be not luxurious as other golf courses in Kuala Lumpur. But, the rates are quite reasonable for beginners and amateur golfers who are looking for an affordable golf course.

The non-member golfers only need to pay RM85 for golfing on Sunday afternoons. Although not as good as the AGN golf course, Bangi Golf offers an ideal course for intermediate golfers who don’t have a club or have to rent the club. This course also regularly well maintained so that it’s always in a good shape.

BGR Restaurant

Besides its affordable rate, Bangi Golf also offers restaurant facilities that suitable for various events. BGR Restaurant is one of the few golf resorts that has received halal certification in Malaysia. Its location which is only 30 minutes from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) makes this restaurant suitable for business meeting and any other special events with an exclusive and elegant atmosphere.

Beautiful views of the golf course, cool and comfortable ambience can be felt in this restaurant. Various local Malaysian dishes, Chinese and Western dishes are served at BGR Restaurant. You can also rent this restaurant for weddings or company dinners. The Bangi Golf Resort, that built in 1994 is the best place if you are looking for an affordable golf course with good quality. The first nine holes will provide an unforgettable experience even if it’s your first time golfing here.