Golfing Regularly Can Help Lose Weight?

Golf is known as a refreshing activity not as an activity devoted to maintain health let alone to help you lose weight. This kind of sport is different from other activities like running, swimming or other extreme sports that aim to burn calories. So, do you think golf really can help you lose weight? For more details see the following reviews.

Is Golf Effective to Help You Losing Weight?

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In theory, golf cannot control one’s weight. Swinging your club and walking along the golf course is more appropriately regarded as a social sport. This is because golf is often played by a group of people allowing golfer to interact with other golfers.

This sport also considered more effective to improve your mental health because it can reduce stress due to daily activities. While the benefits of golf for health and weight loss depends on the intensity of the game performed by each individual.

How to Lose Weight with Golfing

To be able to lose weight and provide health benefits, then your activities  at least can burn large amounts of calories in your body. Whereas, each golfer has different number of burned calories depending on their gender, age, weight and fitness level.

What you need to know is that within an hour of golfing, there are about 264-450 calories (low intensity) or 531-2.467 calories (high intensity) were burned per 18 holes. To get the most out of golf, at least you also have to spend about 150 minutes a week golfing with a moderate intensity. When calculated from the distance, 18 holes can sum up 4 to 8 miles per game.

Golfers who walk with heavy bags throughout the game is certainly able to burn large amounts of calories than golfers who boarded a golf cart from one hole to another.

Unfortunately, due to the design of a hilly golf course, sometimes it  requires golfers to take the golf cart. This results in the various number of calories burned while golfing.

Although successful golfers burn many calories during the game, it did not always result in significant body mass index changes (BMI). Even sometimes the body index of a golfer is no better than a non golfer. This indicates that golf does not provide a significant role in terms of weight control.

The Effects of Golfing For Your Health

Golfing doesn’t have too much effect on your body mass index. But, golf can increase life expectancy. According to studies in US and Sweden, golfers generally have a longer life expectancy than their non-golfer counterparts.

Golf is believed can increase the life expectancy of golfers to five years. This is due to less stress, meeting new people or happiness when you met new challenges on different golf courses.

Golf is also a relaxed sport, but demands the golfer’s ingenuity to complete their game round. Golfers inevitably have to learn new tricks and find new ways when faced with new challenges in the golf course.

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Golfing for 150 minutes in moderate intensity every week is also suspected to keep golfers away from chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, stroke, heart disease, colon cancer and breast cancer.

So, it can be concluded that golf is not the perfect option if you want to lose weight significantly. However, you can still burn a lot of calories during an intense golfing game each week and refuse to use a golf cart when finishing the game.