Snapchat Sunglasses For Golf

For gadget lovers, you might have heard of snap chat sunglasses for golf, Snapchat Spectacles. Launched to follow the Google Glass step, the Snapchat Spectacles is a smart sunglasses integrated with Snapchat app and capable of video recording. Although it doesn’t have the augmented reality feature like Google Glass, Snap chat Spectacles video ability claimed can improve your performance on the golf course. The Snapchat Spectacles concept is also simpler, just push the buttons on the left side of the eye-wear, then the recording process begins.

Each time the recording button is pressed, the eyewear will record a 10-seconds video. Then every recorded moment you can directly upload to Snapchat account via WiFi and Bluetooth connected with your smartphone.

Why Should You Choose Snapchat Eyewear?

What is the benefit of wearing snap chat eyewear for a golfer? The snapchat sunglasses for golf certainly can provide some advantages. The conditions on the golf course can be different than what you’re expected. These smart glasses will help you by providing some of the following benefits:

  1. Reduce the frequency of losing your golf ball

The inability to see the trajectory and the ball direction often make the golfer lost them easily in the golf course. With Snapchat Spectacles, you don’t need to worry. The camera lens in this sunglasses has a 115 degree viewing angle. Much wider than usual smartphone camera.

A wide angle allows you to get a wider view of the golf course as well. The video playback feature also allows you to be able to see where the ball will fall so that the potential of losing the golf ball is less than before.

  1. Recording a special moment

When wearing the snapchat sunglasses, you have an opportunity to get an unforgettable golf experience. You can record special moments like when make a hole-in-one or manage to overcome the most difficult obstacles. You can play these special moments repeatedly and share it to your friends and family. You can also record other’s golfer stroke while watching a tournament.

  1. Reviewing your mistakes

Snapchat Spectacles allows you to record every shot and review your swing style. You can see the development of your skill, from the very beginning until your best shots. You can share this video through snapchats to see who has the best shot in your community. Everyone who watched your video, can see the power of your strokes from different angles. While, other golfers can learn a lesson from it.

  1. Help you to look good

The Snapchat Spectacles smart sunglasses can be a substitute style for the golfers. These glasses will increase your confidence in the golf course beyond ordinary glasses can do. Although your game is not that good, at least you look confident and dare to be different.

  1. Bringing the community closer together

Snapchat Spectacles allows you to share your golf experience with other players. You can get to know new players, ranging from beginner golfer to professional golfer from all over the world.

Beside offering several advantages, snapchat sunglasses for golf also offers stylish design. This eyewear comes in blue, orange and black. You can buy online at a price of IDR 1.7 million or $ 130