Indonesian Golfers Are Preparing Ahead for Asian Games 2018

The Asian Games 2018 are in sight, the Indonesian golf team is preparing to take part in several prestigious tournaments including the 2018 Indonesia Open Golf Tournaments. Four male golfers who have the opportunity to attend this tournament are Naraajie Emerald, Jonathan Wijono, Kevin C. Akbar and Almay Raihan.

Indonesian Golfers Growing Better Under the International Coaches

Tim Golf Indonesia Asian Games 2018

The four golfers had the opportunity to increase their experiences by facing top golfers at the tournament that held at Pondok Indah Golf Course, Jakarta, July 12-15, 2018. The Indonesia Open 2018 is a very important opportunity to face the Asian Games in August.

After being trained with various training programs since January, Naarajie et al. is expected to demonstrate their technical capabilities and enrich their experience of competing in various events held by PB PGI.

Under the foreign coaches from Australia, David Milne and Lawrie Montague, these young Indonesian golfers showed a fairly good development. Golfers receive not only technical training but also physical training to improve their fitness at Pondok Indah Fitness Center.

Indonesia 2018 Golf Open Tournament Asian Games 2018 Warming Event

turnamen Indonesia Open 2018 ajang pemanasan menuju Asian Games

As a warm-up event ahead of the 2018 Asian Games, the BRI Indonesia Open Golf Tournament 2018 not only offers a challenging experience but also an attractive prize. The tournament sponsored by Bank BRI offers a grand prize of USD 500,000.

The three Indonesian amateur golfers Kevin Caesario Akbar, Naraajie Emerald and Almay Rayhan managed to escape the cut-off in this tournament. Kevin played steady on the second day after scoring 71 shots (1 under par) on the first day. For two days he managed to become an Indonesian golfer who scored the best results with 142 strokes (2 under par).

On the third day, Kevin’s appearance declined slightly and scored 70 strokes or 2 under par. Kevin managed to collect total 214 shots or 2 under par at this golf tournament.

When compared to international golfers like Kevin Lee (South Korea) and Jarryd Felton (Australia), Kevin’s confidence is still below those two competitors. However, Kevin still has about a month to memorize the character of Pondok Indah golf course, Jakarta which later became the Asian Games venue.

Meanwhile, his colleague Almay Rayhan scored 70 strokes (2 under par) on the third day of BRI Indonesia Open 2018. The young golfer total scored 214 strokes or 2 under par.

Stunning appearance is also shown by Naraajie Emerald. On the third day, Naraajie played stunningly by scoring 68 strokes (4 under par) after two days earlier, the young golfer managed to score 74 (2 over par) and 70 (2 under par).

BRI Indonesia Open Golf Tournament 2018 was ended with a South African golfer, Justin Harding came out as the winner. While Zimbabwean golfer Scott Vincent won the runner-up position. Thai golfer Chapchai Nirat and US golfer Sihwan Kim came in third.

Although the Indonesian golfer did not come out as the winner, General Chairman of PB PGI, Murdaya Po admitted optimistic about the performance of these three Indonesian players in the Asian Games 2018. Young golfers like Naraajie have a pretty good track record in international tournaments. In fact, he had scored 20 under par at the Faldo Series Indonesia qualifier last year.

With their experiences, Naraajie et al. expected to be able to appear confident in the upcoming Asian Games.