Palm Resort Golf and Country Club, Prestigious Golf Course with Three Best 18-Hole Golf Courses in Malaysia

Nothing is more challenging than playing golf on three 18-hole golf courses with different characters. Well, you can find this excitement while golfing at Palm Resort Golf and Country Club. This golf course was once awarded an international award and offers spectacular views along with world-class clubhouse facilities. Your Inspiration to Play at the Highest […]

Poresia Golf Country Club, a 36 Hole Golf Course Among Luxurious Resort in Johor

Set on 1700 acres of a greater golf resort complex, Poresia Golf Country Club is one of the best 36-hole par 72 golf courses in Malaysia and Singapore. The existence of this golf course is inseparable from the collaborative effort between Singapore and Malaysia. The name Poresia itself derived from “pore” (Singapore) and “sia” (Malaysia). […]

Sebana Golf and Marina Resort, World Class Golf Course at Central Luxury Resort

Want to rent a yacht after golfing? You can do that if you play golf at Sebana Golf and Marina Resort. This 18-hole par 72 golf course is an international championship golf course which offers spectacular natural beauty as well as world-class resort facilities. Sebana Golf Built Harmony with Nature Located near Santi River south […]

Kukup Golf Resort, Challenging Malaysian Golf Course Near Singapore

Kukup Golf Resort is a hidden jewel at southwest of Peninsular Malaysia. This 18-hole golf course offers a pleasant atmosphere for golfing in every season away from the busy towns and commercial centers. Golfer’s Favourite Not Far From Singapore The Kukup golf course (KGR) is only about 45 minutes from Singapore. It located in Pekan […]