Here The Reason Why Golf as an Expensive Sport

Golf as an expensive sport is a common perception especially for Indonesian. Even for the lower-class society is difficult to do this sport as a hobby. This can’t be separated from the golf image that can only be played by the upper class only. Besides these perceptions, there are several other reasons why golf is […]

Long History of Golf, Where The Game Begins

There are very few golf enthusiasts who know the history of golf. In fact, insight into the origin of the golf game is something that can’t be separated from the development of golf sports. Knowing golf history can strengthen our love for this Scottish sport. The History of Golf and Its Development Some studies say […]

How To Read Green Golf, The Secret To Perform Best Putting

Do you know green reading skill makes up important role in putting? Green reading skill is not a magic or a gift. Although it’s important, unfortunately not all players are good at it. As long as you know how to read green golf, you’ll get used to seeing something subtle. Practicing green reading makes the […]